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c1921 Frame Dwelling on Masonry Foundation

Norfolk, VA

This property experienced its first flood event in 2009, and has since had two additional events which prompted major repairs funded by flood insurance claims.  In the course of those repairs, and unbeknownst to the owner, alterations to the structural system were undertaken and modern engineered products were installed.  The outcome undermined the original structural system in an unacceptable manner and requires repair/reinstatement of an appropriate floor framing system.  In the course of this work, BRS will also ensure that every opportunity to reduce flood risk, disruption and cost associated with future flooding is implemented.  This will include introducing flood resilient framing, flooring, and a means to easily dry out first floor wall cavities.  It will also include elevating systems where feasible, and site based solutions including regrading, managing runoff, and introducing pervious surfaces where feasible.

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